Warrior Covert QRE PRO



The 2018 Warrior Covert QRE Pro hockey stick offers a wide array of pro-level features at a secondary price point. It’s an excellent choice for the elite-level player looking to save a little money while still enjoying many of the top-line features of the QR Edge.

  • New edge taper design for increased power
  • Minimus 1000 carbon fiber for high-strength, elite-level playability
  • Improved shaft wall consistency for a truer one-piece feel
  • Full carbon weave blade for premium durability and superior puck feel
  • Pro Cortex Grip for optimum control

The hand feel on the QRE Pro is comfortable and traditional thanks to rounded corners and straight sidewalls. The 2018 Covert QRE Pro features a new, angular edge taper design that drives flex energy through the hosel for magnified power and quick releases.

The stick also benefits from a big upgrade in materials with the Minimus 1000 carbon fiber that’s been the top-line fiber in previous premium iterations like the QRL. The Minimus Carbon 1000 is a high-strength, lightweight flat-weave carbon composite designed to improve the the performance of the stick’s other construction technologies. The Minimus carbon fiber provides elite-level responsiveness, durability, and playability.

The QRE Pro includes an update in the construction process, taken from the Alpha QX line. The moulding location is lower, helping to increase the consistency in the shaft wall thickness while redistributing the weight for better responsiveness and a truer one-piece feel when playing.

The low kick point, a signature of the Covert line, has been sped up and made more stable on the QRE Pro allowing for a quicker release on wrist and snap shots, and better accuracy through the new edge taper. The QRE’s geometric design is attractive and will help players load up for hard shots with almost no effort at all while preventing the blade face from opening up. Players will appreciate the pinpoint accuracy as a result, in part, of the new stick geometry.

The blade uses a full carbon weave with no fiberglass for premium-level durability, while still allowing for a great puck feel. The Minimus 1000 helps remove weight from the bottom portion of the stick, which provides players a better balanced feel in the hands—the stick feels lighter than it actually is. Since the weight is reduced on the QRE Pro, release speed is increased because the bottom of the stick and the blade recoil a little bit faster for more explosive releases, sure to please the elite-level player.

The QRE Pro stick-feel is enhanced by the Pro Cortex Grip. The Pro Cortex Grip is a textured surface that is coupled with a tacky, soft grip feel that locks the player’s hands in place for optimum performance.

The QRE Pro ice hockey stick combines a lot of top-end quality at a secondary price point. That’s sure to please the elite-level player who demands performance but who is also looking to save a little money.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 65 × 10 × 2 in












Stick Condition


W03 - Backstom

mid curve, 1/2 in deep, open face, round toe; Lies 4/5