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The CCM Super Tacks AS2 Pro hockey stick includes cutting-edge technology and an optimized design, upgrading the Tacks line and offering players an elite-level option.

  • High-kick point for ultimate shot versatility
  • X-Flow shaft technology for improved consistency
  • Optimized taper design for high-end response
  • ACU4 XX-Stiff blade for enhanced control
  • Sigmatex material for increased structural strength

The Super Tacks line features CCM’s mid-kick sticks, ideal for players who take a variety of shots from everywhere in the offensive zone and value versatility. CCM redefines the traditional mid-kick design with their Max Loading technology, optimizing the position of the softer flex zone which allows for a longer loading period to store more energy, while the stiff taper zone maximizes stability and response. This results in maximum shot power and accuracy, whether you’re taking a quick snap shot or firing off a slap shot from the point.

For the shaft construction, the AS2 Pro features X-Flow technology. This advanced molding process eliminates excess resin and voids in the shaft for improved strength and overall quality. With this technology, CCM can produce a stick that is lightweight, durable, and extremely consistent when shooting, passing, and stickhandling.

At the bottom of the shaft, CCM has optimized their taper design for more stability and control. The new taper and hosel area construction creates a well-balanced stick that provides greater stability and control when leaning into a shot. The optimized vertical flex allows you to generate more power while the stiff taper reduces twist and increases response for improved accuracy.

The Super Tacks AS2 Pro includes the ACU4 XX-Stiff blade. As CCM’s stiffest blade, this design uses a lightweight construction, a tactile surface for maximum control, and reinforced areas in the toe and heel for top-end durability. Together, the features of the ACU4 blade offer an excellent puck feel and great responsiveness when shooting and passing.

CCM incorporates their top-end Sigmatex material in the AS2 Pro. This high-performance spread tow fabric features an innovative weaving process that provides lightweight strength and resilience, giving you the feel you want and the structural strength you need from an elite stick.

With a variety of high-end features and a redefined mid-kick design, the Super Tacks AS2 Pro hockey stick is built for players who want to get the most power and accuracy out of every shot they take.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 65 × 10 × 2 in






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