ALL STICKS BREAK! That is the problem.

Integral Hockey Stick Repair is the solution.

Sticks break because of slashes, skate cuts (Causing a weak point), and other reasons such as getting your toe stuck in the boards. However, the main reason sticks break is not that the materials cannot stand up to the rigors of hockey or that your shot is too powerful. The main reason is poor quality assurance standards. There are manufacturer’s defects that are not visible to the naked eye in most of today’s composite sticks. Yes, even the sticks that you pay $350+ for.

The factories that produce sticks do not provide high wages, and in turn, there is a lot of employee turnover which results in poorer quality products.

Overseas manufacturers are experiencing continuing wage increases. The manufacturers must either raise their wages and demand better work from their employees or continue to be an industry of “produce low-quality substrates and cover them with nice graphics”. We believe it will be the latter. Have you ever seen a brand new high-end stick that (other than the break) does not even have a mark on it. That is almost always a manufacturer’s defect.

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